UK Structured Finance Limited

UKSF is a financial engineering business, established to provide real estate investment banking services. Staffed with experienced bankers qualified in a number of specialist fields, UKSF offers expertise in project, tax and accounting driven finance (“Structured Finance”). UKSF began trading in November 2003, although the team came together in 1999 within the Company’s predecessor and before that at Hambros Bank Limited since 1992.

Traditionally, the funding of real estate has been polarised between those financing solutions provided by institutional funds and those provided by banks. UKSF’s unique approach is its ability to provide clients with solutions drawn from property and accounting disciplines alongside those from the debt markets. Such an alignment reflects the convergence in part driven by the increasing move towards securitisation and the impact of the Private Finance Initiative (“PFI”) and other regulatory and accounting changes. Uniquely, UKSF is able to advise and procure solutions derived from across these traditionally distinct markets.

For example, we have developed a core focus of UKSF is the financing of public and quasi-public sector property. We have developed a method of financing student accommodation using charitable vehicles (“Student Villages”).

Using a similar charitable vehicle model, we are also working with local authorities in order to solve their immediate bed and breakfast accommodation problems with a bespoke funding package called Safe Haven. Safe Haven has already secured funding of £67m and has re-housed over 500 homeless people in West London.

UKSF has a 100% delivery record on its projects, having brought a fully funded and structurally sound proposal to each transaction where it has been selected as preferred partner. Our skills in Finance and Legal Structuring were learned within the UK corporate banking sector and honed at Hambros Bank Limited, then the leading asset financiers of the investment banking sector. Having funded over £1.3bn of Higher Education assets in a range of tax and accounting based structures, the team’s move to UKSF has seen the addition of the charitable structuring that is so apt for these deals. In student accommodation, the UKSF team worked with several universities and has acted as principal to establish borrowing vehicles, entered into the design and early build contracts and incurred the initial expenditure for new bed schemes. Our Student Villages structures lie behind almost 15,000 student bedrooms in the UK today with our transaction tally now exceeding £2bn of debt.

Development skills are often required too. UKSF has worked with the Universities of Dundee and Aston to completely refit their student accommodation and demolish and rebuild the bulk of their on-campus stock. This process was originated by UKSF and project managed by them also (on the construction side as well as the legal and financial transaction). The new buildings were finally completed in 2016 after some £240m of works and £275m of debt. The charities will continue to manage the stock for some 35 years. UKSF oversaw the planning and design process too, as well as the procurement of construction partners and the actual build of the stock.

Skills in working with the charitable sector continue to be utilized in most areas of our deals. In completing and managing the ongoing Safe Haven portfolio of social housing, we learned new and relevant skills for charities, taxation and VAT treatments that can all be brought to bear within the quasi-public sector and maintain our position as the UK’s market leader in delivering socially responsible finance.

UKSF is very experienced in such project delivery and has no capacity issues. It was founded by Alexander Ward and Jared Fox, who are both associates of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and colleagues at Hambros Bank.

Jared Fox

UKSF’s CEO Jared has almost 30 years’ experience of banking since graduating from the London School of Economics and starting his career with Barclays Bank plc. Jared has pioneered the drive to socially responsible finance and has been behind some of the most significant funding advancements in the quasi-public sector, including the use of charitable vehicles to fund education and housing. He has been a special advisor to both Labour and Conservative governments and is qualified to be a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians. Jared also has a long track record as a non-executive director within the sectors he serves, including roles with NHSU (the corporate University of the National Health Service) and over twenty years with Young Enterprise (teaching young adults how to run their own businesses).

A Final Thought!

We are completely aware that we will only retain a premiere position by staying current with both the financial aspects of today’s market and also by constantly looking to use our hard gained knowledge in other areas of our products. UKSF has recently been retained by a number of corporate clients to fund industrial projects and this maintains our excellent knowledge of capital allowances and large build project accounting. We have also been working on projects to neutralise the carbon footprint of some of our existing student accommodation and also to introduce a new IT bandwidth delivery product to some of the older buildings at minimal intervention and cost.

We believe that we are the right partners for you when considering the best way to deliver your capital aspirations. If you have read this far, then we are sure you will agree with us! Please take the next step and get in touch.