Regardless of the need, the UKSF team has 60 years of collective experience in raising debt for educational institutions across the UK. From significant facilities such as the £214m delivered to Aston University for a complete redevelopment of its campus and accommodation to a £4m facility for a preparatory school looking to reconfigure its buildings and erect a sports pavilion, we have helped many colleges to achieve their aspirations by delivering finance as required.

Funding your requirements is not just a matter of requesting terms from ten different banks. UKSF knows that your finance is individual to you and your project and that the selection of the type of finance and the identity of potential funders is critical in obtaining the right debt package.

Whilst price of debt is of course important, it may be that timing is more crucial for this particular project. Different funders require different pledges of security, and that may be your particular pinch point. There may also be different risks associated with different funders or finance routes (for example interest rate risk, inflation risk, etc.) and careful analysis of your requirements and circumstances will pay dividends in fitting the right debt choice to the institution and project. Finally, the debt choice can influence unexpected things, like VAT or accounting treatment and therefore have a bigger impact on the organisation than first thought.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a financial advisor or broker as required. We also have over 40 years of collective experience in accounting for debt and the impact that borrowing can have on your balance sheet.

Please have a look at our case study on Caterham School to see the sort of support we can offer on your wider aspirations and we hope to speak to you soon to explore your debt requirements further.