Case Study

Aston University

Project Highlights

  • 3,062 en-suite beds for the University’s students
  • £40 million Capital Receipt to the University
  • £214m debt raised with interest fixed for forty two years
  • Student rents linked to inflation and capped for 42 years
  • Properties fully maintained by a £200m spending plan
  • University has no obligation to fill the rooms
  • Halls come back to the University at the end of the deal

Following a rigorous competition 10 years ago, UKSF was appointed by Aston University to mastermind the complete redevelopment of its Birmingham City campus, including the complex work of demolishing over 1,000 old pre millennium student bedrooms and replacing them with brand new en-suite accommodation. This was all completed in an eight year period that included a complicated decant programme where accommodation was used until the moment that it was due to be demolished. Aston required a minimum number of student bedrooms at all times but only a single block of its old accommodation was to remain by the end of the process. The demolition of the two biggest 22 storey towers was filmed. You can watch this in the video attached below. One of our new blocks is also visible in the background to the right of the picture.

In the end, the beginning of the new academic year in September 2016 saw 3,062 en-suite bedrooms open for Aston students, with a fully remodelled campus around them, new works being completed on time and actually under budget! The University had contracted with a bespoke UKSF charity, Aston Student Villages Limited and had received a £40m endowment from the Charity. ASV had borrowed £214m from Bank of Scotland on a 42 year fixed term basis in one of the biggest student deals ever done in the UK. The University and its students were delighted with the new rooms.