Project Finance

Project Finance is quite simply the techniques and structures used to raise the finance required to embark upon a project that may deliver some or all of your organisation’s aspirations. The finance is usually of an asset or portfolio of assets and so arguably all the work that UKSF has ever done could be described as Project Finance.

Since the 1990’s, in the UK in particular, Project Finance has also been associated with the Government’s Private Finance Initiative, where public assets have been refurbished or redeveloped in a partnership with a suite of private sector corporates. The UKSF team (whilst at Hambros Bank) advised the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont on the establishment of the PFI and then became advisors to both the private sector suppliers and the Blair Government on various bids and projects. This tradition has continued and most recently, UKSF was appointed as financial advisor to Great Ormond Street Hospital on the finance for Phase III of its rebuild, a £360m project to knock down the main Frontage Building and deliver more patient centred care on all levels.

Outside of PFI and Government work, the Team has advised a UK Port on the delivery of its £100m infrastructure requirements, and several schemes to deliver different forms of renewable energy, from large industrial multi-megawatt waste-to-energy projects to very small kilowatt pico-hydro-electricity projects.

The delivery of Project Finance requires the absorption of a number of different professional disciplines within the funding itself, including law, tax (especially VAT), accounting, project management and any property professions too. By its very nature, therefore, it is a complex and unique approach requiring specialist niche advisors and partners that UKSF is ideally placed to help you with.

Please see our case studies on Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Pico-Hydro project for some examples of the sort of work we can undertake and then just get in touch for an initial conversation.