Funding for property projects accounts for the vast majority of work that UKSF undertakes, being the biggest asset class for most of our clients. As such, we rarely think of property as a specific sector specialism for us, but in fact you could say we are absolute experts in its finance!

Over fifty years of combined senior team expertise, we have gained detailed insight into the commercial, tax and accounting wrinkles that so often accompany property finance. Its funding can often be looked at too simplistically and major opportunities lost by not thinking outside the box. This is especially true of VAT planning, where the manner of acquisition and/or structuring can significantly affect the cost of delivering a project or aspiration, by as much as a 20% saving in some cases!

Matching debt sources to property projects is also more difficult than it may first appear. The funding markets are always in a state of flux, regardless of the proximity to a major market event such as the 2008/09 financial crisis or to Brexit. New entrants, changing appetites and tangential issues such as expected inflation rates may alter the best fit for your project’s financing.

UKSF can help you to navigate this difficult path, helping you to choose the right structure with the best outcomes and risk mitigation for your organisation. Please do get in touch so that we can get an understanding of your requirements and then explain exactly how we can help.

In the meantime, here are three case studies that you may be interested in that demonstrate the wide breadth of property finance that UKSF covers…