Social Housing

UKSF has been at the forefront of thinking for the delivery of social housing since members of the Team became special advisors to HM Government at the turn of the Millennium. At that time, bed & breakfast accommodation was being used to temporarily house more people than ever before. This was unwelcome not just because of the high cost, but primarily due to the difficulties people face in building roots and sustainable communities whilst living out of one or two bedrooms in someone else’s home.

Our CEO Jared Fox was asked to assist John Prescott and the B&B Department of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (now the DCLG) to devise ways of mitigating the large numbers of people in this temporary accommodation. The result was the creation of Safe Haven, our charitable solution to temporary accommodation. Having delivered proper homes for over 500 people over the last ten years, UKSF has gone on to develop other housing solutions for many clients, including local authorities and key worker employers such as the NHS and the prison service.

We can assist you in the planning, design, acquisition, delivery, funding and/or operation of housing units for your staff, residents, or rent paying tenants. Sometimes the delivery of rental housing for (say) a university is an innovative and yet socially appropriate way to turn unused land assets into much needed annual revenue or up-front capital. On other occasions, we can help local authorities to deliver large numbers of units for use as temporary accommodation whist maintaining rents at Local Housing Allowance rates.

Please have a look at the Safe Haven case study, or just get in touch to see how we can help.