Student Accommodation

Universities and Colleges are continuing to try and improve their residential offering to students against a time of restrictive government funding.

UKSF can provide the means for a University or College to deliver new student accommodation without negatively affecting its other funding routes, or indeed to raise capital from its current halls without selling the family silver.

  • Cash can be raised off-balance sheet
  • No underwriting of the occupancy needed
  • True risk transfer
  • Appreciating value of the assets is retained by the University
  • Student rents are capped
  • All surpluses are ring-fenced for the University
  • We deal with the development headache (no procurement headaches regardless of old OJEU or any new UK rules)

The University can retain a marketing role in relation to students, for which it is paid. It would also continue to cover all pastoral care of the students and ensure that they were correctly looked after throughout the project life.

The vehicle will enjoy charitable rules status and therefore (unlike a commercial entity) its debt amortisation can come from non-taxable income. This allows us to raise over 12% more than our commercial competitors, and there is the benefit of a significant saving on stamp duty.

No equity to service means maximum value to the University and we even give the University the properties back at the end of the agreement for no consideration, so the University retains the long term benefit in the appreciating value of the assets.

The University may or may not wish to outsource the physical management of its halls – we can build a solution that works for your particular circumstances.

To date, UKSF has procured almost 15,000 student beds for colleges and is proud to have driven up standards and driven down costs within the sector, pioneering the use of socially responsible structures for the benefit of students and colleges alike.

Please see our case studies on Dundee, Aston and Bucks New universities for some examples of what we can do and a demonstration of the long term relationship that we offer to all our educational clients. We look forward to discussing your accommodation requirements with you soon!